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Mario is a patent attorney who counsels clients of all sizes – from solo inventors to large corporations with their patent and trademark needs. Mario understands that robust intellectual property protection can be the difference that allows clients to dominate their market. He helps clients develop and implement a customized intellectual property strategy to meet their short and long-term business goals.

Mario practices in a wide range of technologies including medical devices, electronic hardware, construction equipment, and military equipment. Mario relies on his experience as a bricklayer to infuse real world experience into construction equipment patent applications.

Mario Milano Patent Lawyer Pennsylvania

Mario prepares and prosecutes patents in front of the USPTO. He also collaborates with associates in other jurisdictions to manage patent portfolios abroad. Mario is a single point of contact for clients for their worldwide patent needs. Mario regularly assists clients in getting patents in Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea, China, and others.

Clients also turn to Mario to facilitate the negotiation, sale, and licensing of patents, guiding clients through the intricate landscape of intellectual property transactions. With a keen understanding of the market and a strategic approach, he works to optimize the value of your patents.

When Mario isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his five children, coaching hockey, playing chess, and eating sandwiches.

New Jersey
United States Patent and Trademark Office

J.D., Rutgers School of Law
B.S., Rowan University, Mechanical Engineering

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At The Law Firm of Mario Milano, you won’t just find an intellectual property lawyer; you’ll be adding a partner who prizes attentive listening over speaking, ensuring that every nuance of your vision is understood and valued. Here, whether you’re the driving force behind a one-person startup or at the helm of a burgeoning enterprise, you will benefit from bespoke strategies and unwavering protection that your intellectual property warrants. With us, it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a tailored experience, honing in on your specific industry challenges and opportunities. Your innovative ideas and creations are the lifeblood of your success, and at our firm, they receive the meticulous attention and robust defense they rightly deserve.